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Service is the single most important thing at TCR Rail Systems. New companies are often started because of a short term need, but we can plan for the long-term because excellent service is our foundation.

Every one of us at TCR Rail Systems is dedicated to offering excellent service to ensure your signal and communications project is a great experience.

Engineering & Project Management

The engineers at TCR Rail Systems design grade crossing warning systems and provide field service and training.

We are also a resource for turnkey project management, taking a project from material procurement through engineering design and field installation.

Crossing & Wayside Structures

TCR Rail Systems provides structures for automatic grade crossing warning systems, wayside signaling systems and any other unique application you might have.


railway crossing signals

Dedicated Wiring and Testing Center

TCR Rail Systems has the capacity to wire any size project. Our facility is air conditioned and heated. The wiring and testing includes point to point checks, ground checks and operational tests certified to our own high standards.

Our 98,000 square foot Simpsonville, Kentucky facility accommodates various size projects.

Installation & Maintenance

TCR Rail Systems leads the Rail Crossing, Signal Installation and Maintenance industry.

  • We offer field management and construction services for large, ongoing projects
  • We offer a turnkey approach from survey through design and delivery
  • We offer contract services to maintain, test and supply materials
  • We perform signal maintenance and inspections



Signal Bridges

Designed and built in accordance with industry standards

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railroad signals

Instrument Houses & Cases

Constructed from a variety of materials

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Flasher/Gate Foundations

Light weight for easy handling

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railroad flashers

Industry Compliant


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Railroad gates


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